We are momentr.

A collective of event professionals. We provide solutions for logistics, planning and secure payment. By adding state of the art technology (software and hardware) we aim at providing the best client and visitor experience. Less hassle before, during and after any event is our cause.

Secure payment

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MOMENTR provides secure payment at festivals. Our intelligent payment solutions, also known as cashless, are both on- and offline. And they’re all about ease of use, with wristbands, tags and cards which visitors can charge themselves. From a cashless ATM to a closed application.

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Going cashless has multiple advantages. Queues shorten because a transaction takes place within two seconds. Also, visitors can buy (and charge) online and skip the line. If you connect with FestiTrack, you can manage your inventory at the same time.

To make sure things run smooth, we provide organizers with our state of the art hardware and software. We arrange tablets, the installation of apps and training. Hence, our team members are present at any event to offer assistance. We also give you detailed insights into all transactions being made.


FestiTrack is an inventory management app. It helps organizers track goods during events. From furniture and turntables onsite to merchandise that’s still in cardboard boxes. FestiTrack consists of an easy to use workflow, balance sheet and an extensive reporting tool.

The application is fully adaptable to your professional needs. For example, administrators can add and edit event locations, categories, items and users. You can also manage the inventories of various locations. Other need-to-know features: multiple users can be given different roles and immediately after order picking transport can be assigned.

FestiTrack is supplied by Momentr.
We make event management easier.


Festivalmanage makes sure that event organizers manage their operations effectively. With our application you stay on top of suppliers, accreditation and the whereabouts of workforce and artists. It provides you with digital registration and reporting tools, through which all relevant data are accessible.

The app is fully adaptable to your needs. For example, administrators can add and edit accreditations for a whole variety of visitors. Also Festivalmanage helps to identify vehicles and suppliers and tells them where to drop off their load. This way registering artists and crew is much easier, including the distribution of wristbands. Last, but not least: Festivalmanage keeps track of the hours worked by staff during any event.

FestivalManage is supplied by Festivalpoort and Momentr.
We make event management easier.

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